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Ford Students

By Angela Bates, MLIS

Ford Students "Slide" Into the 2017-2018 School Year!

First Day

Setting the tone for a spectacular year

Ford Elementary School students returned to school on August 17th to be greeted by inflatable bouncy house slides and cheers from Presbyterian College cheerleaders as they prepared to "slide" into the new school year. As students arrived, they were led to the inflatable area where they were given a few moments to jump in the bouncy house and then slide out through the inflatable slide as they were cheered on by the visiting cheer squad from Presbyterian College in Newberry, SC.

Each year Ford Principal Zak Watson makes it a priority to ensure students are enthusiastically greeted as they arrive to start a new school year. This year was no different and the surprised expressions and huge smiles were a welcomed sight as Ford students began a new school year!

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