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Ford Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at Ford Elementary 

By Emily Torres, ESOL Teacher

On Friday, October 13, 2017, Ford Elementary School hosted a Hispanic Heritage Music Celebration. The International Dance Academy performed 4 traditional folk dances from different regions of Mexico.  One of the dances is popularly known as The Mexican Hat Dance. The dancers wore beautiful traditional dresses and suits. In one dance the dancers even balanced candles on their head as they danced. The performers were middle school and high school students from the Greenville area.       

Under the direction of Mrs. Kerri Gearheart, the music teacher at Ford, all Ford Elementary students sang songs in Spanish and in English: Mi Cuerpo (My Body), Los Pollitos Dicen (The Chick Say), and Stand By Me.      

Our students from Laurens District 55 were able to take a trip around the world and back in time as they viewed these performances and sang right here in our county. Our Hispanic students were able to see older students from their culture perform beautifully and present their culture and traditions in a positive light.       

The International Dance Academy from Greenville, SC was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Castillo in 2007. The dance group performs folk dances from a variety of countries. The founders want to keep these traditional customs and dances alive for future generations.  

International Dance Academy Dancers
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