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Message from the Principal, Mr. Zak Watson

about 1 month ago

Principal Zak Watson      

Message From the Principal

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year. We are focused on creating a new norm for our students as we work to educate them in a manner that allows each student to reach his or her optimal potential. The 2017-2018 school year will be a phenomenal year filled with positive experiences, growth, and student achievement.


We believe each of our students has unique abilities and qualities that we, as professional educators, may utilize to guide them through the process of teaching and learning. Preparing students to realize their dreams is our everyday mission.  Each day we prepare to capture, inspire, and teach each individual in a fashion that builds positive relationships and promotes increased desire to learn and grow.


On behalf of the entire Ford Elementary School’s staff, I bid your positive support and participation in making our school the most outstanding school in our great state.   Together we can achieve more. I am copiously available to serve our students and community as we work to have a positive impact on our world. Therefore, let’s combine our efforts to make this school year the most memorable and impactful school year for our students and staff through collaboration, helpful interactions, and positive involvement.


Yours in Service,


Zak Watson

Mensaje del Director

Bienvenido al año escolar 2017-2018. Estamos enfocados en crear una nueva norma para nuestros estudiantes mientras trabajamos para educarlos de una manera que permita a cada estudiante alcanzar su potencial óptimo. El año escolar 2017-2018 será un año fenomenal lleno de experiencias positivas, crecimiento y logros estudiantiles.

Creemos que cada uno de nuestros estudiantes tiene habilidades y cualidades únicas que nosotros, como educadores profesionales, podemos utilizar para guiarlos a través del proceso de enseñanza y aprendizaje. Preparar a los estudiantes para que realicen sus sueños es nuestra misión cotidiana. Cada día nos preparamos para capturar, inspirar y enseñar a cada individuo de una manera que construye relaciones positivas y promueve un mayor deseo de aprender y crecer.

En nombre de todo el personal de la Escuela Primaria Ford, le ofrezco su apoyo y participación positiva para hacer de nuestra escuela la escuela más destacada en nuestro gran estado. Juntos podemos lograr más. Estoy copiosamente disponible para servir a nuestros estudiantes y comunidad mientras trabajamos para tener un impacto positivo en nuestro mundo. Por lo tanto, vamos a combinar nuestros esfuerzos para hacer de este año escolar el año escolar más memorable e impactante para nuestros estudiantes y el personal a través de la colaboración, las interacciones útiles y la participación positiva.

Suyo en Servicio,

Zak Watson

Ford Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

about 1 month ago

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at Ford Elementary 

By Emily Torres, ESOL Teacher

On Friday, October 13, 2017, Ford Elementary School hosted a Hispanic Heritage Music Celebration. The International Dance Academy performed 4 traditional folk dances from different regions of Mexico.  One of the dances is popularly known as The Mexican Hat Dance. The dancers wore beautiful traditional dresses and suits. In one dance the dancers even balanced candles on their head as they danced. The performers were middle school and high school students from the Greenville area.       

Under the direction of Mrs. Kerri Gearheart, the music teacher at Ford, all Ford Elementary students sang songs in Spanish and in English: Mi Cuerpo (My Body), Los Pollitos Dicen (The Chick Say), and Stand By Me.      

Our students from Laurens District 55 were able to take a trip around the world and back in time as they viewed these performances and sang right here in our county. Our Hispanic students were able to see older students from their culture perform beautifully and present their culture and traditions in a positive light.       

The International Dance Academy from Greenville, SC was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Castillo in 2007. The dance group performs folk dances from a variety of countries. The founders want to keep these traditional customs and dances alive for future generations.  

International Dance Academy Dancers
2018 Employee Insurance Summary

Ford Elementary's History

3 days ago

In the early 1920’s, Watts Mill School served the children of the Watts Mill area.  There was a great need for more space due to the increasing numbers of students.   During the Fall of 1936, Ford Junior High School was built.  The students and faculty made a historic walk from their beloved Watts Mill School to their new school building to signify a new beginning.  The school was named after a much loved community leader and principal of the Watts Mills School- Mr. J. E. Ford.  In 1938, Mr. Ford watched his middle school grow into a senior high and an auditorium was added to the school.  In 1940, a gymnasium was built under the W.P.A Government Project. The first graduating commencement was held in May of 1940.

Six hundred students were enrolled at Ford.  In 1941, four classrooms were built to accommodate 1st and 2nd grades.   In 1944, a lunchroom was added, which opened the first week of January 1945.  The twelfth grade was added to Ford’s curriculum to meet the demand for a higher education in 1948.   In 1949, the shop was built.  In 1963, the present band/music room was added to the auditorium.  In 1970, student enrollment grew to 776 students, with 33 teachers, and 2 secretaries.  Today, Ford Elementary serves grades K4 through 5th grade with approximately 550 students and 75 teachers and staff members. We have approximately 98% of our student population that receives free or reduced meals. We also have about 32% of the total student population that is ESOL.

  • Celebration of Volunteers
  • Volunteer Luncheon
  • Support Staff of the Year
    Mrs. Mirella Jones
  • Teacher of the Year
    Mrs. Donna Woodruff

Ford Students "Slide" Into the New School Year!

3 days ago

By Angela Bates, MLIS

Ford Students "Slide" Into the 2017-2018 School Year!

First Day

Setting the tone for a spectacular year

Ford Elementary School students returned to school on August 17th to be greeted by inflatable bouncy house slides and cheers from Presbyterian College cheerleaders as they prepared to "slide" into the new school year. As students arrived, they were led to the inflatable area where they were given a few moments to jump in the bouncy house and then slide out through the inflatable slide as they were cheered on by the visiting cheer squad from Presbyterian College in Newberry, SC.

Each year Ford Principal Zak Watson makes it a priority to ensure students are enthusiastically greeted as they arrive to start a new school year. This year was no different and the surprised expressions and huge smiles were a welcomed sight as Ford students began a new school year!