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Message from the Principal, Mr. Zak Watson

2 months ago

Principal Zak Watson      

Message From the Principal

Greetings Ford Family,

We are now in the final phase of the 2017-2018 school year.  Our students and staff are working hard to make each day a great day for teaching and learning.  Everyday counts as we continue striving to be the best on all performance measures.  In the final quarter of the school year, student and teacher efforts will be measured; therefore, we need every student in attendance each day. Our mission is to continue to get one day better than the day before.

The end of the year testing cycle is in full swing and our students in grades K-5 are engaged in growth measured testing.  Students and teachers are excited for the opportunity to demonstrate how we have developed and grown throughout the school year. Along with testing, motivating events and recognition programs are a part of the process.  Celebrating student success is a big part of our school culture, and we look forward to celebrating even more accomplishments this year.

Lastly, our students and staff continuously welcome community and parental support.  We encourage you to continue to lend a helping hand in shaping the lives of our students.  Having an outstanding community helps promote a healthy school environment and we truly appreciate everyone who is willing to support our students and staff. Thank you for helping to make Ford a great place to teach and learn.


Sincerely and respectfully,

Zak Watson

  • 2017-2018 Best School Year EVER!
  • 2017-2018 Best School Year EVER!
  • 2017-2018 Best School Year EVER!
  • 2017-2018 Best School Year EVER!
  • 2017-2018 Best School Year EVER!
Ford Elementary School would like to thank Walmart for their generous donation to our school. Thank you!
  • Celebration of Volunteers
  • Volunteer Luncheon
  • Support Staff of the Year
    Mrs. Mirella Jones
  • Teacher of the Year
    Mrs. Donna Woodruff


about 1 month ago

FES Library to host Spring Book Fair to Support Summer Reading

Gear up for Summer Reading with the Ford Elementary School Library Spring Scholastic Book Fair!

The Ford Elementary School Library Media Center will host a Spring Scholastic Book Fair May 21st - May 25th, 2018 in the FES Library.

The theme for the fair is Paws for Books: Come. Stay. Read a Great Tale!

The Book Fair will be open from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm daily. Students will visit the book fair for class shopping periods during their regular library time and/or during special times scheduled with teachers.  Parents are welcome to visit the library and shop with their students during their scheduled class shopping period or during special after school hours through 5:00 pm each day.

We are in the process of updating our nonfiction selection in the library and Scholastic Book Fairs are a wonderful fundraising opportunity to do so. For every $1.00 spent at the book fair, the school earns $.50 in Scholastic Bucks to be used towards the purchase of quality materials for the library collection. So, in addition to building your child’s personal book collection by shopping at the book fair, you are also helping to purchase great new books for their school library!

Please join and support us in this effort. Volunteer opportunities are available also, so if you have time to give  and would like to help out during the book fair, please email Ms. Bates at or call Mrs. Jones in the office at 864-984-3986.


Monday, May 21st -

Friday, May 25th


8 am - 5 pm daily


Ford Elementary School Library Media Center

(Main Bldg, 2nd Floor)

Ford Video Gallery

2 months ago

ford video gallery

ford students engaged in learning & fun

                  (Videos are in reverse chronological order with the most recent event first.)

Ford's Littlest Library Learners

Centers give students the ability to try different activities and be more active in their learning. We don't always use centers in the library but when it's almost testing season and our littlest learners need practice using the technologies on which they will be taking those tests, we use centers and to give them fun practice manipulating items on the screen using  the mouse. Our littlest library learners did a CHAMPION job, as always!

FES Best Year ever 2017-18

Mid-year highlights from the 2017-2018 Best Year Ever! Video showcases special events and activities starting on the first day of the 2017-2018 school year. Highlights on this video include first day activities, the Carolina Choo Choo, Books and Boo, Veterans Day, Christmas Extravaganza, 1st Quarter Awards, World Read Aloud Day, STEM Car Challenge, Read Across America, and various group field trips and classroom events through early March 2018. 

read across america 2018 @ ford elementary school

Highlights from our school wide Read Across America Reading Celebration as part of the National Read Across America campaign which highlights literacy in honor of Dr. Seuss´ birthday.

Books and boo 2017

Books and Boo is a Halloween celebration of literacy at Ford Elementary School in Laurens, SC. Students come with their parents and siblings to enjoy games, treats, and reading-related activities - dressed as their favorite book character! This year, our Books and Boo event hosted more than 200 students and their family members.

Books and Boo is a Halloween celebration of literacy at Ford Elementary School in Laurens, SC. Students come with their parents and siblings to enjoy games, treats, and reading-related activities - dressed as their favorite book character! This year, our Books and Boo event hosted more than 200 students and their family members.

  • Today and Friday are the final 2 days of our “Paws for Books” Summer Reading Scholastic Book Fair! We’re open until 5pm each day and would love for you to stop in and stock up on summer reading materials for your child. We have a great selection...
  • Halloween at Ford 👻🎃 . . #booksandboo #halloween #halloweencelebration #literacy #literacynight #reading #readingpromotion #growingreaders #readbabyread #fordelementaryschool #fordelementary #laurenssc #laurensdistrict55 #education #elementarysc...
  • Come out and join us this week for our fall Scholastic Book Fair! The library will be open from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. daily. Holiday & adult selections available, also! . . #givethegiftofreading #saddleupandread #scholastic #wildwestbookfair #scholasticbookf...
  • Many thanks and much gratitude to #Walmart for donating countless boxes of school supplies to the students at Ford Elementary School! New #Crayola #markers , #crayons , #constructionpaper , #coloredpencils , #notebooks , #pencils ... We can't wait to p...
  • Because sometimes, when you're 4, visiting the library, & learning about community & kindness, you find yourself holding hands & dancing around the story carpet with your friends & classmates. 💃🏻☺️ . . #howdoyoufillyourbucket #community #kin...
  • #FordRocks , a #schoolwide #collaborative community #artproject , started last week at Ford Elementary School! Based on the #book #OnlyOneYou by #LindaKranz & designed by Ford #artteacher Margaret Davis, the project meets K5-2nd SC Curriculum Standards...
  • In 4 days, Ford Elementary School students raised nearly $1,100.00, one quarter at a time, during their Links of Love campaign in support of victims of Hurricane Harvey. Students set a goal to raise $1,000.00, which they successfully met & surpassed. E...
  • In response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, Ford Elementary School students wanted to come up with a clever way to raise funds for victims. "Links of Love" was their idea and in one day alone, students have raised early $400 dollars - eq...
  • Sliding into the 2017-2018 school year... #literally 😊 Because #weknowhowtoparty #firstdayofschool #welcome #newyear #bringit #startingright #itsallforthekids #presbyteriancollege #cheerleaders #amazing #communitysupport 👏🏻 #school #elementary...
  • A HUGE Thank You to #PresbyterianCollege students who so graciously raised money to purchase several new books for the #FordElementarySchool #Library ! Our students will #LOVE this wonderful selection of books! Thank you so much! 😊 #books #reading #...
  • This week... 2016 Fall Scholastic Book Fair! #books #reading #scholastic #bookfair #bookaneer #bookaneerbookfair #library #elementary #school #fordelementary #laurens #laurenssc #laurens55 #laurensdistrict55 #eaglereaders
  • It's here! And these guys couldn't be more happy to see its arrival! 📚😊 #bookfair #scholastic #scholasticbookfair #bookaneer #bookaneerbookfair #fordelementary #laurenssc #laurensdistrict55 #books #reading #eaglereaders
  • He finished it!!!! We will take the weaving off the loom Friday. #soproudhecouldburst #smartestartist #dreamweaver
  • Finished Yarn Paintings inspired by the traditional folk art of the Huichol people of Mexico, created by 5th Grade Awesome Artists! I am so proud of the craftsmanship, effort, and creativity that each student put into these artworks. It's so cool to se...
  • 4th grade artists working on "Mexican Amate Bark" Paintings. Bright colors, patterns, festive birds fill creative artworks drawn in the style of a traditional Mexican folk art. #kidartisthebestart #hispanicart #smartestartists #mrsdavisawesomeartists
  • Two Mayan-inspired masks showcase 2nd graders' newly learned paper folding techniques to create 3D elements that "stick out." The problem-solving and creativity that came out of this lesson was AMAZING!!! #smartestartists #mrsdavisawesomeartists #kidsa...
  • It's always good to have a sketch to work from when creating an artwork, even a yarn weaving inspired by Guatemalan weavings. #hispanicart #smartestartists mrsdavisawesomeartists
  • Rainbow 🌈 weaver!!! This 3rd grader has mastered simple yarn weaving techniques. Her craftsmanship is AMAZING!!!! #dreamweaver #mrsdavisawesomeartists #smartestartists #hispanicart
  • 3rd graders are mastering weaving! These yarn weavings with both horizontal and vertical stripes are inspired by weavings from Guatemala. #hispanicart #smartestartists #fordartrocks #mrsdavisartaegles
  • How cool is this in-progress paper mask inspired by the ancient Mayans?? This 2nd grade artist is just too much... #fordartrocks #kidsartisthebest #smartestartists #hispanicart
  • Why paint animals realistically when you can paint them in imaginary colors and crazy patterns? #oxacananimals #smartestartists #kidsartisthebest #fordartrocks
  • Check out these two proud artists! They couldn't WAIT to show off their completed artwork!!!! #5kartwork #smartestartists #hispanicart
  • It's a FIESTA of color in the Ford Art Room! Check out these awesome suns inspired by Mexican Folk Art! #5Kartists #kidsartisthebest #smartestartists #hispanicart
  • Kindergarteners using "festive" colors to paint Mexican folk suns! #hispanicart #smartestartists #kidsartisthebest

Test Taking Tips for Parents

about 1 month ago

Test Taking Tips for Parents


The following tips will provide suggestions for parents on how to approach test taking with their children.


-Make sure that your child does all their homework and reading assignments, this will help make sure your child is prepared for the test.


-Encourage your child to space out their studying and homework assignments so that they won't be forced to cram on the night before the test.


-If you are anxious about your child's test, it's ok but try to keep cool around your child, you don't want them to get anxious about their tests too.


-Encourage your child to do well but don't pressure him/her. You may stress him/her out. It is important for your child to stay relaxed for the test.


-Keep a positive attitude about tests.


-Provide a quiet, well lighted area with little distractions to help your child study efficiently.


-Mark down test days on your calendar so you and your child are both aware of testing dates.


-Make sure that your child gets enough sleep on the night before the test.


-Ensure that your child eats a healthy breakfast and avoid heavy foods that may make him/her groggy and avoid high sugar foods that may make him/her hyper.


-Make sure that your child gets up early enough so that he/she will be on time to school.


-Let your child relax for a few hours before bedtime, it can be stressful for a child to study all night.


-Talking about the test with your child can relieve stress about test taking.


-If your child is struggling on their tests, talk to them about it and meet with their teacher to find out the best way to help your child.


-Praise/reward your child when they do well on a test or for their hard work preparing for a test.


-Encourage them to do better if they don't do well.


-Review the test with your child after they have taken it and go over any mistakes they have made and make sure that they understand what they did wrong and how they can improve for the next test.

By Dr. Ameca C. Thomas

Ford Elementary's History

about 1 month ago

In the early 1920’s, Watts Mill School served the children of the Watts Mill area.  There was a great need for more space due to the increasing numbers of students.   During the Fall of 1936, Ford Junior High School was built.  The students and faculty made a historic walk from their beloved Watts Mill School to their new school building to signify a new beginning.  The school was named after a much loved community leader and principal of the Watts Mills School- Mr. J. E. Ford.  In 1938, Mr. Ford watched his middle school grow into a senior high and an auditorium was added to the school.  In 1940, a gymnasium was built under the W.P.A Government Project. The first graduating commencement was held in May of 1940.

Six hundred students were enrolled at Ford.  In 1941, four classrooms were built to accommodate 1st and 2nd grades.   In 1944, a lunchroom was added, which opened the first week of January 1945.  The twelfth grade was added to Ford’s curriculum to meet the demand for a higher education in 1948.   In 1949, the shop was built.  In 1963, the present band/music room was added to the auditorium.  In 1970, student enrollment grew to 776 students, with 33 teachers, and 2 secretaries.  Today, Ford Elementary serves grades K4 through 5th grade with approximately 550 students and 75 teachers and staff members. We have approximately 98% of our student population that receives free or reduced meals. We also have about 32% of the total student population that is ESOL.

2018 Employee Insurance Summary